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We want to offer our heartfelt thanks to whole Pride immigration team for helping us realize our dream. The team is truly professional "true to their words" consultants and they delivered what they promised to us on day one of our journey. As stressful as this process is- it was very reassuring to know we were in good hands. Throughout the whole time period of our application for Australia, there was not a single instant where our confidence in their ability wavered. And now that we have received the Australian PR grant, we would again like to reiterate that they are by far the best consultants for Australia. I think that I made a good choice because I connected with Pride Immigration services. We appreciate his vast knowledge, professionalism and quick response. We recommend Pride immigration services to anyone looking for a hassle free movement to Australia.

Paul Jackson

I would really like to take this opportunity to thank your vibrant, knowledgeable and proactive team at Pride immigration for providing excellent advisory services for my Canadian Permanent VISA application. It was a bumpy ride with lots of barriers but the outcome was fruitful, Words cannot give any appreciation justice. Your firm really did an amazingly thorough and professional job was superbly positive, efficient and professional. You have kept me well informed and up to date with everything. I am very grateful and privileged to have found a good immigration company that has assisted me with my application after multiple attempts with other immigrations companies. Thanks for the understanding and for keeping my emotions in consideration during the process and for knowing how to approach me every time I got stressed out during my application. I thank everyone involved in my application and for doing their job with diligence and integrity.

Aaron Mildenstein

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Pride immigration for successfully handling my paperwork with care and utter professionalism to support my work permit application to work in Canada. I used a previous service, which I found to be really unprofessional and not experts in dealing with Canada specifically. Finding the right immigration consultant can be very stressful for anyone, as it requires putting a lot of trust into someone when dealing with such a precise process. Keeping me aware of what is happening around the globe regarding immigration rules and regulations. I was really happy with the level of service and attention to detail.

I would highly recommend Pride immigration to anyone dealing with any type of immigration services – they are true specialists in their field and easy to work with. 

Dahal Dipen

We are absolute pleasure working with Pride immigration and their team. I found Pride immigration to be extremely helpful and informative and always willing to make time when required. You have invested in processing and following up on our PR application. You have been our constant go-to person for all the queries and doubts that came across during the process. I really appreciate the effort you had put towards filling up our application and requesting for the documents in all the correct specifications to avoid complications and delays from the Immigration Office. You always kept us updated on any status changes in our application which made things so much easier. We really thank you for providing all the emotional support whenever we needed it. I highly recommend their services.


Excellent service received from Pride immigration. I really like to take this opportunity to thank you for your detailed attention and hard work you completed towards my application. The loads of paperwork, submissions, seeking of clarity, frustrating moments, almost giving up and a long arduous wait, Without you and your guidance, it would have been very hard to achieve this result. They were extremely clear and transparent in communication with us and guided us with immense knowledge on the way forward. We had finally come to the right person, we couldn’t believe it, and the impossible was possible and is now a reality :). I will be pleased and without hesitation to recommend you to whomever that needs your services for all visa and migration requirements and we wish them our best and all success. 

Craig Hartel

We were fortunate to Pride immigration, assisted us with our application. What we appreciated the most from the level of service provided were their intimate involvement and honest suggestions. Pride immigration is distinguishable in knowledge regarding immigration aspects and made this process seamless and stress less as possible until, we got the great news that our visas were granted. It was truly a pleasurable experience for providing customer service and support well beyond our expectations with our Visa applications.

All good beginnings will surely deliver a happy and exciting new start to a new life abroad. I just wanted to say thanks to Pride immigration for all the hard work and reassurance along the way made smoothly. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone interested in migrating to Australia.

Southern Gal